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The 2023 Pony Club Australia National Championships

Pony Club WA welcomes all our competitors, family, and supporters, whether on site at the State Equestrian Centre in Perth, or from the many state hubs around Australia.

This year, as the host state, we are planning for a Hybrid Nationals event to ensure we are as inclusive of as many participants as we can, while ensuring a fair and equitable competition is conducted.

We welcome all that are in attendance in Perth at the main hub from around Australia and from around WA and acknowledge the special effort it takes to participate given the incredible distance Perth is from the rest of Australia. We trust that the concept of a Hybrid Nationals becomes the norm moving forward.
Also new for the Nationals in 2023 is the addition of Masters for Dressage and Showjumping. Masters is for riders aged 25+ as at 1 January and ensures we are inclusive of our adult members, many of whom have progressed through Pony Club as children.

Adult aged riders are comprising a significant part of our Pony Club membership. Pony Club WA looks forward to seeing you personally, or virtually, and wishes you every success for the 2023 Nationals wherever you are in Australia.

Rick Gill
Chief Executive Officer
Pony Club WA

Important Dates

Entries Open: Monday, 26 June 2023
Entries Close: Monday, 24 July 2023
Closing Date for Applications for Special Exemption: Monday, 31 July 2023
State Hubs: 19 August – 25 Sept 2023 Results / Videos must be submitted within 7 days of completion of the State event.
Pony Club Nationals (State Equestrian Centre, Western Australia): 1 – 5 October 2023
Mounted Games (Benalla Sports and Equestrian Centre, Victoria): 2 – 5 October 2023

Provisional Timetable

State Equestrian Centre, Brigadoon, Western Australia 

Updated 21/09/2023

Sunday 1/10

  • Casual Meet & Greet BBQ

Monday 2/10

  • Tetrathlon Swim Phase
  • Eventing Dressage
  • Showjumping
  • Dressage
  • Quiz Written Phase
  • Welcome Dinner: Curry & Hotpot Night

Tuesday 3/10

  • Tetrathlon Shoot Phase
  • Eventing Cross Country
  • Showjumping
  • Dressage
  • Showman Jumping Phase
  • Gourmet Burgers & Games Night

Wednesday 4/10

  • Tetrathlon Run Phase
  • Eventing Showjumping
  • Showjumping
  • Dressage
  • Quiz Mega Room & Games

Thursday 5/10

  • Tetrathlon Fun session
  • Showman Dressage
  • Showman Workouts
  • Presentation Dinner at “The Baskerville” Awarding the Roger Braham OAM Perpetual Shield

Mounted Games – Hosted by Pony Club WA at Benalla Sports and Equestrian Centre, Victoria

Monday 2/10

  • Bump In

Tuesday 3/10

  • Team Managers Meeting
  • Trot Up
  • Team Practice & Equipment Familiarisation

Wednesday 4/10

  • Mounted Games Competition

Thursday 5/10

  • Mounted Games Competition


Rugs for Individual Champions
Rosettes for first to sixth place for Individual Championships
Rosettes for first to sixth place in each Championship Event
Rosettes for first to sixth place Quiz Written Phase
Medallions for first to third place in the Swim, Run and Shoot Phases of Tetrathlon

Rugs for Individual Champions
Rosettes for first to sixth place in Team Championship

The Roger Braham OAM Perpetual Shield will be awarded to the Champion State, awarded over all Championship disciplines competing at the event.
• Dressage
• Eventing
• Mounted Games
• Quiz
• Showjumping
• Tetrathlon

Championship points will be allocated with the winning team for each discipline receiving the same number of points as there are competitive teams. The Team who scores last position receiving 1 Championship point, for example, if there are 7 teams:

1st place = 7 points
2nd place = 6 points
3rd place = 5 points
4th place = 4 points
5th place = 3 points
6th place = 2 points
7th place = 1 point

General Regulations

The Organising Committee reserves the right to alter, amend, combine, or delete any part of the program if circumstances arise which make it necessary.

• The Rider’s age is determined as of 1 January 2023.
• All Riders must be current Junior, Senior or Adult “Masters” (over 25 years) financial members of Pony Club Australia. This includes Riders who are current financial members of a Pony Club that is a member of a State Association that is a member of Pony Club Australia.
• A minimum of two states are required to compete to constitute a PCA National Team Championship event, otherwise the event will become a competition for individuals only.

• One Horse per Rider, one Rider per Horse.
• Exemption to the one Rider one Horse rule may be given and is subject to approval by the Organising Committee.
• A 2023 exception to the one Rider one Horse rule applies if a discipline Team of 3 cannot be made from State or Territory nominations. A second competition horse is allowed from an already competing Rider if the second horse is also qualified to compete.
• For all disciplines except Eventing, borrowed horses are allowable but are subject to approval by the rider’s home State and the Organising Committee.
• Horses may participate in a maximum of 2 Disciplines.
• A horse may compete in any two Jumping Disciplines. Jumping events include Showjumping and Eventing. For 2023 Tetrathlon is not included as a Jumping Discipline.
• Substitutes due to injury or illness are at the discretion of each State or Territory up until the commencement of competition of the Discipline entered.
• Unless otherwise stated in this Program, Pony Club Australia National Rules apply to this event including the Pony Club Australia National Gear Rules.
• Swabbing of horses may be carried out randomly at this event (in WA and at the Hubs).

This competition will follow the current PCA National Gear Rules at NATIONAL GEAR RULES – Pony Club Australia


Competitors and Team Officials

Entry fees

  • Team Class Entry Fee (all disciplines) $605
  • Individual Class Entry Fee (all disciplines if not competing as part of a Team) $165
  • Quiz Team Entry Fee $165
  • Quiz Individual Entry Fee (Written Phase) $10
  • All Riders – Rider Entry Fee (includes event shirt) $250

Hub fees

  • Riders competing at Nationals in Western Australia (includes First Aid, Welcome dinner and Games Night with dinner) $230
  • Officials at Nationals in Western Australia (includes First Aid, Welcome dinner and Games Night with dinner) $130
  • Bookings for the Formal Dinner in Western Australia will be taken separately.
  • Riders competing at Games hub Benalla, Victoria (includes First Aid, ground fees, Welcome dinner, Pizza Dinner, Gala Final Dinner) $290


  1. States will endorse their Team members and submit their details via a spreadsheet to Pony Club WA.
  2. Pony Club WA will invoice the State Office for the Team and Individual Class Entry Fees.
  3. All riders will enter and pay their Rider Entry Fee online via JustGo. 


To take into account the different costs at the dispersed locations the following will apply:

  • Hub Fee: This will be at the discretion of the State Hub to recover any costs relevant locally and be 100% retained by the state running the hub. The WA segment held at the WA State Equestrian Centre will have a Hub Fee as will the Games held in Benalla.
  • Additional Events: States can charge a fee for any additional events held at a State Hub and 100% retained by the State.


Combined Horse Transport have a strong affiliation with Pony Club and have a special offer for riders competing at Nationals in Western Australia. Combined Horse Transport (


Agricultural Department requirements for horses coming into WA: Importing equines into Western Australia | Agriculture and Food


Requests for refunds after close of entries must be accompanied by a Medical or Veterinary Certificate.
The Organising Committee will withhold an administration fee of 25% of the total entry fee.


Competitors will need to follow their individual State Government guidelines regarding COVID-19.
Competitors in Western Australia must observe these guidelines:
COVID-19 Coronavirus: Managing COVID-19 in WA (

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